The Differences Between Commercial And Industrial Painting

Industrial painting and commercial painting both include painting of a structure for commercial value. However, both have different goals, when you consider your priorities. Industrial and commercial paintings have separate objectives. Hence, professional painters handle these tasks in a customized manner. This explains why people hire specialized industrial painters Adelaide. The feel-good factor in the customers’ minds drivers their decision. The durability of the paint used is also of equal importance. On the other hand, industrial painting deals with creating a permanent layer of paint, that can face the rigorous circumstances of a manufacturing setting.

What is industrial painting?

A painter who works in the industrial, automotive, or manufacturing industries is known as an industrial painter. Many industrial painting companies specialize in one industry, such as auto painting. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a specialized industrial painting company.

What is commercial painting?

Painting cafés, office buildings, and stores are some examples of commercial craftsmanship. Commercial painters work on multi-family houses such as apartments, even if they are residential.

Commercial vs. industrial painting

  • Painting a building, especially one used for commercial activities, can be a daunting task. You want the job done right, but you also want it done quickly. It can take some time to find reputable commercial painters Adelaide and receive estimates. While painting a building is one of the simplest cosmetic improvements, it is still important to get it right the first time.
  • Commercial and industrial paintings are comparable in the sense, that your structure will be painted towards the end. 
  • Industrial painting, on the other hand, is frequently conceived of as preventative protection. This may not always be seen by the general public. Mostly, commercial painting is suitable for warehouses and back storage rooms or factories. Painting cement or ductwork is an example of industrial painting.
  • Industrial painting is largely concerned with the function above the basic structure. The end result of industrial painting is a protective layer of paint that will resist the harsh working conditions around. Your surfaces will be less prone to rust when industrial painters Adelaide deliver quality services.
  • Durability is the most crucial component of industrial painting. Clients and industrial painting teams are primarily concerned with the type of paint used in the project. The objective is to preserve surfaces and keep the paint looking good for as long as feasible. 
  • Aesthetics are not as important to industrial painters as they are to commercial painters Adelaide. That’s not to assume the industrial painters Adelaide will do a shoddy job. Professional industrial painters arrive prepared to leave a job site looking spotless and revitalized. Professional painters maintain high standards, just like commercial painting crews.

When looking for a commercial or industrial painter or perhaps both, it can be tempting to go with the cheapest choice. It is critical to evaluate all variables when selecting your painting team. This includes their willingness to work with your timetable and timeframe, as well as whether they have the necessary skills for your project. A lower estimate with poorer results would not be your cup of tea. The best strategy is to balance affordability and quality when you look for viable options. To give you the best result for commercial or industrial painting, grab your phone and dial 08 8246 2902 for a free quote with Viva Painters Adelaide.

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