How To Choose Best Paint For Your House Painting

If there’s something all interior designers unanimously agree on, it’s that paint has the power to transform. The right colour can change the mood, vibe, and aesthetic of your house. It can take a dark, dingy room and convert it into a bright space, making it your favourite nook in the house.

You can’t take it lightly then.

Walls are a large part of the structure and allure of your house. You risk spoiling the aesthetic and appearance of your house if the paint you choose does not match your interiors.

So, how do you choose the right house painting designs and colors? You do your research.

How To Choose the Best Paint For Your House Painting: 101

Before you pick up a colour palette and run with it, give it some thought. As a general rule of thumb, your walls should match your interiors or complement the theme you’ve chosen. Your paint should match your furniture, the art pieces, and other tidbits that make up the inside of your home.

How to choose paint colors for your home:


Once you’re done with the renovation/decoration, do some research on popular house painting designs and colour. Pinterest is a great resource to refer to when you’re at a loss for ideas or are overwhelmed by the paint options. It will give you a rough idea about the aesthetic you want for your house. Other social media platforms can also guide you and make choosing your paint colours easier.

While you’re on the subject, do your research on what is the longest lasting exterior paint? For example, Acrylic paint has proven to be the most durable of them all but it won’t hurt to explore your options.

Decide On A Color Palette

The colour you select should beautifully blend and enhance the look of your house. Look for house painting colour combinations when deciding on a colour palette.

As a general rule of the thumb, if you want to drive focus to your walls, you should opt for bold, vibrant colours. If you want a minimalist vibe, go for softer, more neutral colours. If you want your room to look bigger, experiment with whites. Explore all the possibilities and then decide on a colour palette.

Put It To The Test

Before you finalize a colour,  a good idea is to do a test run of how it will look on your walls. Just colour a patch or two on the wall and observe how it looks throughout the day. If it looks shabby come sunset or sunrise, look for alternatives.

If you don’t want to test it on the wall, you can just paint on a small poster board instead. It will do the job just fine. You can even stack up your furniture against it and see how it looks!

Additionally, when doing a patch test, make sure you do it with the type of finish that will create an appealing visual effect. Good knowledge of undertones and the types of finish can be elemental to the outcome of your house painting.

Experiment With Ideas

You don’t have to paint your walls with just one color. You can add to its appeal by experimenting with various wall painting ideas for home. You can easily find samples and inspiration for the same from the internet.

We’re all for experimentation but remember, but you don’t want to go around painting every wall a different color, it could come off as garish. Be consistent with your color theme and make sure it complements with the overall vibe of your house.


Now that you know which paint is best for wall painting, it’s time to bring it to life. So put on your overalls, grab that brush and get painting.

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