Our Painting Process

  • Follows As/Nzs 2311:2017 Standards
  • Strict Safety Protocol
  • Surface Preparation
  • 3 Coats System Application

House Painting Process

At Viva Painters, we adhere to a thorough painting process tailored for each project, ensuring consistency, quality, and integrity across the board. Our approach is in strict accordance with Painting & Decorating Standards. The Australian Standard AS/NZS 2311:2017 Guide to the painting of buildings.

Australian Standard AS/NZS 2311:2017 Guide to the painting of buildings
Safety in Painting Process

Safety First

Our commitment to safety begins with a comprehensive handover meeting between our supervisor and the painting team. A thorough site analysis is conducted to identify and mitigate potential safety risks. For instance, when tackling high walls, a two-person approach is adopted—one painting, the other scouting—to minimise risks. We extend our safety analysis to include potential damage to the client’s property, such as inspecting and avoiding broken tiles on the roof to prevent accidents and further damage.

Painting Preparation

Preparation: The Foundation of Success

Emphasising that preparation constitutes 70% of the entire painting job, we highlight the importance of this phase. Painting on an unprepared surface is like trying to teach a cat to play the piano – it might sound like a good idea, but the results are bound to be a colourful disaster.
Different surfaces require specific preparation methods, whether it’s metal, plasterboard, or others. Our expertise encompasses over 100+ different surfaces, ensuring a beautiful finish and lasting results.

Industry Facts and Insights

  • 70% of the products in paint stores are for surface preparation. This should indicate surface preparation is huge.
  • Most of the clients who call us for ruining their DIY painting job are direct result of not preparing the surface properly.
  • 70% of the labour and time consume are for surface preparation not painting.
  • Preparing a surface is a 3 years apprenticeship, not a 30min TV show inspiration or 3min advice from your local Bunnings average Joe.
  • Joe the painter is charging you 50% less for the job (half price) because he is skipping the surface preparation which is 70% of the job. We think Joe is getting a good deal.
  • Paint companies void warranty if the surface preparation is not done properly.
  • When the half price painter ruins your job and you call us to fix it, we charge you double. We charge you for fixing the damage first, then we charge you for the painting.

Coating: The Artistic Touch

The coating process, representing around 30% of labour time, is where the artistic magic happens. We employ a three-coat system for new and damaged surfaces, utilising specialised brushes, rolls, spray guns, and sponges for a flawless application.

Site Walk Through

Final Walk through

At the end of each job we invite all clients to walk thru with us of the site. This is an opportunity to showcase our workmanship but also to pick any missed spots or spots needs improvement. You will also get your left over paints and your paint specification report. This report will explain all the paints used and how to touch up any spots later if you need it.

Note: Scheduling and Weather Considerations

We inform clients about the potential impact of wet weather on exterior painting projects, defining “wet weather” as 1mm of rain or more. Decisions regarding job continuance are made based on the supervisor’s judgment and the actual weather conditions.

Note: Flexibility

While the above process serves as a general framework, we acknowledge that specialised projects may necessitate slight modifications to ensure optimal results. Our commitment remains unwavering—delivering exceptional painting solutions with precision and professionalism.