Is your house paint looking tired?

When moving into a brand-new home, everything seems to sparkle. As the months turn into years our homes slowly but surely start to age. And we don’t seem to notice that aging until we’re planning a special occasion or visitors are coming to stay. That’s when we notice the chips in our walls and fading paintwork appear everywhere.

Here are four simple paint jobs you can do to freshen up and make your home sparkle again, without having to have a total re-paint.

1.Painting Doors Front doors can take a real thrashing from the elements. Over time, UV rays can break down the chemical bonds found in paint causing the pigment to fade. Even if your front door appears to be in reasonable condition, trends and colours change and a fresh coat of paint will increase the overall aesthetics of your home. Do not forget to update your front door mat at the same time to complete the ultimate ‘welcome’. A pantry door is opened and closed constantly with lots of dirty hands. Cleaning it can only go so far before it will need a new coat of paint. Always use semi or full gloss enamel paint. Flat finishes are not durable, hard to clean and should not be used on any kitchen doors.

2. Painting Trims Take a good look at all the trims including skirting boards, window and door frames. They will probably be a bit grubby with chips appearing, especially along the skirting boards and the base of the door frames. Most times after a good clean you can touch up the chips without a total repaint. If there is more severe damage, then lightly sand, touch up the chips and when dry, repaint all the trim.

3. Lightening and Brightening Your Hallway Ah, the hallway. Long. Dark. High Traffic. While your hallway probably isn’t your favourite space, it’s likely your most heavily used. It’s also likely your darkest. A fresh coat of clean, light coloured paint can add a surprisingly “bright” feel to this otherwise dim passageway. The traffic that goes up and down that part of our homes is vast. Even if you do not have small children, it is mind-blowing how much damage the average family can do to the walls in a hallway. Over time paint fades and if you try to touch up areas sadly it will look very patchy. So, a whole new repaint it must be. Clean the walls thoroughly, fill any holes and dents, if skirting boards are a different colour lay the painter’s tape along the top and in a couple of hours at the most you will have gorgeous fresh hallway again.

4. Painting Your Bathroom Constant moisture and harsh chemicals can really do a number on paintwork in bathrooms. Which is why a re-paint in there is usually required long before other parts of the house. If you are only wanting to do one coat stay with the same or similar colour otherwise you may be forced into doing two. Choose good quality paint for your bathroom. This is not the area to skimp. There are dedicated bathroom paints that inhibit mould growth and resist damage from steam, and bath time shenanigans. If ever there was a room to paint well, it’s your bathroom. And if it all seems too hard?

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