Garage Floor Epoxy Painting

Viva Painters completed this garage floor epoxy painting before the house went for sale. With limited time, our epoxy specialised team went above and beyond to complete this project in 24hrs. Our completion of this garage epoxy painting project can be attributed to our team’s meticulous planning, expertise, and efficient execution.

We began by thoroughly preparing the garage floor, ensuring it was clean, all cracks filles, smooth, and free from any contaminants. Our skilled team applied a high-quality epoxy coating, carefully following a systematic process to achieve an even and flawless finish. We ensured the application was timed correctly to allow for proper curing and adhesion. Our attention to detail extended to incorporating any desired design elements or color choices.

The result was a durable, attractive, and easy-to-maintain garage floor that exceeded our client’s expectations and provided long-lasting value.

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