Commercial Heritage Painting Adelaide

Adelaide’s rich history shines even brighter thanks to a recent project by our Adelaide heritage painters! We meticulously restored the grandeur of this double-storey commercial property, ensuring its architectural charm endures for generations to come.

At Viva Painters Adelaide, we’re Adelaide’s trusted painting service for projects of all sizes and styles. From single-story cottages to towering commercial giants, our Adelaide painters have the expertise to handle any project. Here, we faced the unique challenges of heritage restoration on a double-storey building.

Safety and precision were paramount. Our team utilised boom lift access to reach every corner of the building facade safely and efficiently. We also implemented comprehensive traffic control measures to ensure public safety throughout the project.

By combining heritage-approved painting techniques with high-quality, modern paints, we achieved a stunning and historically accurate restoration. The chosen colour palette reflects the building’s original design, while the paint itself offers superior protection against the elements.

Investing in professional heritage painting in Adelaide offers numerous benefits:

  • Preserves History: Our expertise ensures these architectural gems are maintained for future generations.
  • Enhances Curb Appeal: A well-renovated heritage building becomes a landmark, attracting attention and business.
  • Protects Your Investment: Proper restoration techniques and materials safeguard the building’s integrity and value.

Considering a heritage restoration project in Adelaide? Contact Adelaide’s most trusted painters today for a free quote! We’ll work closely with you to ensure a historically accurate and aesthetically pleasing restoration, using the safest and most efficient methods.

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